Who knew that one day I’d be composing a love letter to an auto body repair shop? These guys are without a doubt THE BEST auto body repair shop I have EVER been to. OK, so auto body repair shops don’t always have a high bar, but these guys do, and they ROCK. They not only repaired my car so flawlessly that you couldn’t tell that someone had tee’d me exiting a rotary, but when I picked up the car, there was a small group of specs on the car. That’s right–SPECS–which Eric, the fabulous owner, immediately saw and asked if I could wait a few minutes so that he could buff them out. Wow! Talk about service! As if their work alone wasn’t amazing enough, Eric, the owner, is one of the NICEST people I’ve ever met. He always asks anyone he sees if he can help them and is very patient. When I arrived one day, Eric was on the phone negotiating on behalf of a customer (yes, he was advocating for the car owner, with the insurance company, without being asked!). I could tell it was a tough conversation but he stayed level and polite to the end and compromised on his fee so that the customer got what was required at the cost the insurance would pay. Wow again! Not only does Butch’s Auto Body set a new high mark regarding their work product, the whole experience of working with Eric, Liz and their team is great! The waiting room is clean and comfortable–it feels more like a living room than a shop waiting area–and the bathroom is spotless. If you’re looking for a perfect repair at an exceptional cost with customer service that is above par, look no further. Eric and his team are professional, helpful, auto body perfectionists who take care of you like you’re family–maybe even better!

Alexander K.